About us

Rasko Diamonds began with a man dedicated to creativity and expression through fine art.

As a young diamond cutter at the famous ‘Bursa’ diamond exchange district in Israel, Weitzman Abraham developed an interest in designing jewellery. His mentors encouraged him to continue to design and eventually become more integrated into the diamond industry. With this deep understanding of each aspect of jewellery creation, he moved to Canada. The diamond cutting company he started quickly grew into Rasko Diamonds. 

Through his artistry and creativity, Rasko has become a brand that produces and sells one of a kind jewellery.  The collections featured on this website include ultra-high end finished pieces, more affordable wearable jewellery and engagement rings. Rasko also sells loose stones and will design custom pieces upon request. 

Over the years Rasko has been a sponsor for dozens of charitable events and galas. From Barenaked in Rosedale, Reach for the Rainbow, and Rally for kids to Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation events, Rasko supports many local children's charities. 

If you are organizing a fundraising event and would like to talk to us about sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to reach out via email. 

Rasko jewellery can frequently be seen on Canadian television personalities.

Selected event photos:

Jeanne Beker wearing Rasko jewellery   Justin Trudeau shopping Rasko jewellery in 2007  Rasko presentation at Rally for Kids    Susan Hay wearing Rasko jewellery  Miss Universe wearing Rasko Jewellery


In 2013 Rasko was featured in Dolce Magazine. Here are the pages: 

Dolce magazine spread page 1Dolce magazine spread page 2