How to get started

    I want to invest in natural colored diamonds. How do I begin?   

Natural coloured diamonds are hard assets that possess the rare combination of beauty, uniqueness, rarity and value, are a great choice for any portfolio. Subtle differences in quality can make a difference in beauty and the price of gems, effecting your overall long term investment.

As a personal investor, you are not expected to become an expert in natural colored diamonds. A good jeweller will help you educate yourself enough before making your investment for the future.  It is important to purchase your gemstones from a professional who can provide you with honest and valuable information. At Rasko, we will help educate and guide you to make the most sound decisions in your investment.

Select a jeweller

The first step in becoming a natural colored diamond investor is to select a trusted jeweller to help you source, verify and purchase diamonds. The ideal jeweler to help facilitate your purchase would be one with strong relationships with diamond cutters. These relationships mean that you, as the purchaser, would have access to a larger inventory at a lower price that is typically not available to many people. 

Some retail jewellers may have loose stones in stock that they will let you purchase as a group. These may be lower quality stones that are not wanted in finished pieces. Though this may seem like a cost effective way to begin investing in gemstones, this is not an ideal investment. 

Many investors start building their portfolio slowly with a few small (but high quality) purchases. Once they begin to see the increase in worth of their purchases, they build the portfolio substantially. There is no pressure to invest heavily right away. You are in complete control of how much you would like to invest at any time. 

Make sure you trust the person that you are dealing with. The same way you would not work with an investment banker that you did not trust, do not work with a jeweller that you do not feel confident in. 

Rasko has built a solid reputation over thirty years at the core of the jewellery manufacturing industry in Toronto. Ask us to connect you with other investment clients to hear about their experiences buying investment diamonds with Rasko Diamonds. 

Create a family heirloom

Make your heirloom a true investment. A natural colored diamond purchased through Rasko Diamonds can be made into a beautiful custom piece of jewellery.

We will work together with the finest jewellery craftsmen to bring out the beauty of these rare gems in a timeless piece that will be cherished and valuable for generations to come. 

Rasko only invests in Certified Diamonds

Rasko natural coloured diamonds are proudly certified by GIA, (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s foremost authority on natural coloured diamonds. As the largest non- for profit organization, the GIA governs the standards and regulations of gems through education, research and laboratory services. All coloured diamonds acquired through Rasko are protected and wax sealed in a clear Lucite case with proper certification, so the client is assured of the integrity of their purchase.

To find out more information about Natural Coloured Diamonds contact Rasko Diamonds at 416-226-5000.