Investing in gemstones

Natural coloured diamonds and precious gemstones are an integral addition to a successful financial portfolio. As a tangible asset, natural coloured diamonds bring stability and increased value to a portfolio.
Many financial advisors recommend including investments in tangible assets in any substantial portfolio as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Along with precious metals, natural coloured diamonds are a mid to long term investment.
In the last 20 years, demand for natural coloured diamonds has increased significantly, and has performed better then many hard asset acquisitions. They are durable, portable, and have an infinite shelf life. As supply is diminishing and demand is increasing, natural coloured diamonds will continue to perform well.
We have a large inventory of loose diamonds and precious gemstones that are graded by the Geological Institute of America (GIA)*. Browse a few of the stones we have available for purchase or contact us for more personalized inventory presentation.

Why invest

  Portfolios of natural colored diamonds have increased steadily in the last 2 decades. As a tangible asset, natural colored diamonds bring stability and increased value to a portfolio. There has not been a significant discovery of a new colored diamond field in two decades, severely constraining the supply to meet the demands. As supply is diminishing, demand is increasing quickly. 

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What to invest in

Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare hard assets that possess a combination of beauty, uniqueness, rarity and value. They are a great choice for every portfolio.  Subtle differences in quality can make a difference in beauty and the price of gems, effecting your overall long term investment. Rasko can help you understand the value of a natural colored diamond.

How to invest

Many investors start building their portfolios slowly with a few small (but high quality) purchases. There is no pressure to invest heavily right away. Once you begin to see the value increases of your purchases, you will increase your portfolio accordingly.  The ideal jeweler will help facilitate your purchase and ensure that you are making reasonable investments for your goals.

   Weitzman Abraham is President and CEO of Rasko Diamonds, a leading Canadian wholesaler and dealer of exquisite, one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewellery, view his Tiger 21 presenters page here.